I was often asked if I could provide the links to the products that I used to travel with hand luggage only, so I created this packing list. I hope it helps. 🙂

My packing list (paid links)

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I create a capsule wardrobe for four days + sleeping + activities.

Ideally, every item in my travel capsule wardrobe is multifunctional, quick-drying, easy to layer and matches everything else.

My go-to are usually hiking clothes. Every once in a while, they have „normal looking“ clothes that are great for traveling. My favorite brands are Arcterxy, Dynafit, Houdini and Salewa.

Some of my favorite clothes for traveling

Most of my clothes are older and not available anymore, but here are a few examples:


A few of my favorite solid toiletries:

Other favorites:

  • Cattier dry oil

Comfort items

Laundry gear

Tech gear