Since I am only traveling with carry-on luggage and do not have to check bags, there are a few things I need to keep in mind when I go on a long flight.

I travel full-time, so I guess I have already developed a routine for how I repack my luggage for a long flight.

However, this trip will be even longer and more challenging.

First, we take a two-hour bus ride to the airport. Then we board three different planes to São Paulo, Madrid, and Vienna. Unfortunately, we arrive quite late in Vienna, so we have to stay one night in a hotel. The next day we take the train for four hours to Tirol. We will stay there for two days because we have to get my car out of storage and re-register it. And we also have to visit my grandmother, which is the most important thing. The next day we will drive five hours by car to the hut in the mountains where we will spend the next two weeks.

So, I have six full days of travel ahead of me, and I want to make it as smooth as possible.

In this video, you can see how I prepare for this long trip: