I have been using a Surfroam international prepaid sim card * for more than two years now. I have used it on trips to Europe, the USA, and South America.

If you just want to know my opinion: I really, really like it. This little thing is fantastic and so convenient. It’s easy to use, the pricing is understandable, and it works in 200 countries. Once I landed in a new country, I just start my phone, and I am good to go. I immediately have an affordable internet connection.

So, this was my opinion in a nutshell. If you want to find out all the little details about why I love my Surfroam international prepaid card and how it works, keep reading. 🙂

* Full disclosure: This post is in no way sponsored. The sim card and all additional credit charges have been fully paid by myself. I just wrote this article because I really like Surfroam and their services. However, in this post, I am using an affiliate link. Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. That helps me cover some of the blog’s costs. Thanks for your help! 🙂

How does the Surfroam International Sim Card work?

Surfroam gives you a worldwide data plan. You can only access the Internet, you can not make any phone calls. That is no problem because I can still use Whatsapp or Skype to phone to make phone calls. If you want to know more about that, I wrote an article about how I use Skype to go to make supercheap international phone calls over the Internet.

Currently, you can order it in two versions, a regular sim card as well as an eSim.

It costs 15€ (plus shipping), but it comes with 15€ of credit included. So basically, the sim card itself is for free.

The sim card works on most phones. You can break it into different sizes, and it can be used as a mini, a micro, or a nano sim card.

If you have a phone without a second card slot but have the eSim functionality, you can add it there. This is the case with new iPhones. I have the physical sim card, so I can’t give you any information on how well the eSim work.

My phone has a dual sim card slot, so I permanently just keep this prepaid international sim card in my second slot. I just deactivate it in the settings when I don’t need it.

With the regular account, they choose the provider networks for you. If you get the pro plan, you get the freedom to choose which provider you want to use, but they charge you different prices for them. I use the regular version, but I could see how the pro plan could be beneficial. If you travel to remote areas, you have the freedom to choose the best performing connection.

How expensive is Surfroam?

The rates themselves are very fair, and Surfroam works in 200 countries!

Their rates are starting at 0.01€ per MB, for example:

  • Most of Europe: 0,01€ per MB
  • Brazil 0,04€ per MB
  • USA: 0,02€ per MB

There are no packages that limit you to a certain amount of data within a single country. You just pay as you go. In theory, you can use a few MB in Asia, a few MB in Africa, and a few in the US.

I usually stay in places where I get free Wi-Fi, so I use this prepaid sim card as an addition when I am out and about. I use it to check directions with google maps. Order an Uber. Check Emails. Call people via Whatsapp or Skype to go. Open an internet hotspot for my other devices… And it is so nice to know that you have access to the Internet in case of an emergency, without going bankrupt with the high costs.

Before, we always used to get local sim cards, but at some point, this get’s confusing. In some countries, they are a hassle to buy and set up with all the id checks and registrations you need. Even if you only purchase a prepaid card, you will only use for a few weeks.

I get very far with one charge. For example, this year, I spent three months in Brazil, and I used 20€.

How long can you use it? Are there any recurring costs?

No, there are no recurring costs.

The only thing that is important to know is that the credit (and your sim card) is only valid for 1 year after charging. If you refill it, you set the clock back, and it is valid for another year.

You also get to keep old credits, which I think is very fair of them. If I still have 5€ credit left, but the year is over, and I charge it with the minimum charge of 15€, I then have 20€ credit.

It is straightforward to top up your card. You can do it directly on Surfroam’s website. You just need to add the phone number you want to add the credit to, select the payment option, and a few minutes later, the credit is available.

Make phone calls with Surfroam

Not possible per se, it’s data plan only.

But I use either WhatsApp or Skype to phone to make phone calls.

I genuinely love my Surfroam International Prepaid Sim Card

I believe it is a fantastic sim card for travelers who don’t want to worry about getting multiple local sim cards wherever they go. If you work over the Internet, it is essential to always have a backup plan if you need some affordable data quickly. And people need to be able to reach you on the go. I can highly recommend Surfroam Global sim cards for this.

So far, I have had no issues with coverage. In some remote locations on quiet beaches in Brazil, it was a little slow, but… everything else was “slow” as well.

I never regretted the purchase, and I use mine on every trip I go on. I always keep it on my phone as a second sim card, ready to go.

I love it that this Surfroam Prepaid Internet Sim card * gives me the freedom to access the Internet anywhere I go. In my opinion, it is a fantastic global data card for any traveler who has regular access to Wi-Fi but wants something easy and reliable while she is on the go.

It is also an excellent gift idea for other family members and friends that love to travel to foreign countries.