I animated my logo, and you can do it too! I put together a fun class that shows a quick and easy way to animate your (hand)-lettering, typography, or logo in Procreate.

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Even though the animation is “only” created in Procreate, the result can be used for many professional tasks, like an animated logo for your webpage, an animated quote for your Instagram page, or a custom intro for your YouTube channel.

Create an animation in Procreate

We are learning how to:

  • Plan the animation
  • Do the animation
  • Download the animation (as an animated image or video, depending on what you want to use it for)

Learn how to use Procreate’s Animation Assistant

To create the animation, we are going to use the software Procreate. It is a truly fantastic drawing program that is available for the IPad. It is extremely intuitive and makes drawing so much fun. And, in their last update, they added an animation assistant which makes animating logos extremely easy.

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