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Did I already upload this design? I should add it to more products?! Didn’t I already write my keywords somewhere? Ah, I think it is in this notebook… or was it the spreadsheet? Where did I save that *!x%&$ thing???

Stay organized with your POD files

If you earn some passive income with Print on Demand services like Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt or Teesprint, you know that the biggest struggle is to stay organized with your files and all the metadata (for example keywords, descriptions) that go with it.

Since I started uploading designs on products 12 years ago, I have been struggling with this. I think I tried every single method I could find, but nothing stuck. It was not until I discovered notion and set up my design database, that I finally found a solution that works.

My Skillshare class

In my very first Skillshare course about Notion, I show you step by step how you can create a design database in Notion.

Step by step, you will learn

  • how to set up a “Master Table” to organize your files and metadata
  • how to create templates to make data entry easier
  • how to filter the data in different “views” that match your workflow
  • how to protect the database from unwanted changes

The program I am using is Notion, which is available for free and for all platforms (Web-based, Mac & Windows, Android & iOS).