It’s amazing how much the world has changed in the last few decades. When I went as an AuPair to the US almost 20 years ago, there were no smartphones and no Whatsapp. The best I could do was buy a sim card with reduced international rates to call home and send an email every now and then.

These days, I travel and work remotely, and I’ve found several ways to stay connected on the go. And they are very affordable.

Whether you work remotely or are a digital nomad, no internet or bad internet is the worst thing that can happen. The same goes for expensive internet.

Which tools I use to have reliable internet as a digital nomad

These days, there are several ways to get reliable internet without roaming charges while traveling.

In this video, I talk about how I deal with this challenge and share my favorite tools and products. This video is not sponsored, it’s my own opinion 🙂

I’ve broken the video down into three different parts: What I use to stay connected on the road, what I use for my data-intensive work, and how I use Skype to Phone to make international calls.

Here you can find my reviews for the products I mention in the video: